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At MS Cube Systems, we create solutions for business process optimization. The core being customize-able Warehouse Management Systems, giving a boost to your supply chain processes and providing you with complete real-time control over your inventory. Besides this, we also provide a complete Factory Management System with different software for Customer Service Request, Expense Tracking, Employee Directory, Showroom Inventory and so on.

We aim to understand the bottlenecks and identify the potential scope for errors and scope for improvement in the existing system and create a redefined solution which can be used remotely on handheld devices and web-based applications.


Warehouse Management System

Starting from inward of goods to outward, the exact location of stock is mapped with the help of barcoding. Receiving, stacking, picking and packing assistance on a handheld device with an easy to use system.

Factory Management System

Alongeside WMS, a system for factories where conversion of raw material to finished goods is tracked on the system. Right from the entry of goods to exit as finished goods as a process integrated with the ERP.

Expense Tracker

System for employees to fill in their reimbursement easily and the management to supervise. Approval workflow, pre-spend control, and budget allocations to ensure control in expenses.

Employee Directory

A simple employee directory for organizations to help employees from different teams or locations to connect with each other on one click. This will display the hierarchy for each employee.

Customer Service Request

A system where service requests are accepted from the customers and job is assigned to the technician. At every stage customer and management can be notified with an update. Tracking and maintaining records are simplified.

Custom-made Systems

After understanding your business processes, we can make a system as per the requirement in your organization to optimize any process. Systems that can help you save time, reduce labor work, reduce errors, save space and save paper.


We first study the current operations at your workspace.
We plan exactly what all improvements can be made and propose those along with the timelines and deliverables.
We create a system customized for your needs such that all your requirements are met.
We help you implement the complete system at your workspace and train the people who will be using it.
We provide complete support after the implementation and help you to get the most value from the process.

Leading Attributes

Customized Application

Implementation of the System and the Process

Training of the Employee

Rack And Space Planning

Troubleshooting if any

Flexibile User Interface

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