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MS Cube Systems has created Warehouse Management Systems for various requirements such as:
A large range of SKUs handled inside a warehouse
Factories where raw material arrives which is manufactured into
new goods and dispatched
Items on display inside a showroom and much more.
In all cases, the systems have been customized exactly as per the requirements of the customers.

Warehousing Management System: Modernizing Trends Pvt. Ltd.

We developed a system for them for their warehouse right from inward of stock to the outward along with the exact rack location of the stock. At every PO received, the Picking List was auto-generated on the handheld device. The list had details of goods, quantity and rack location from where the goods have to be picked in which FIFO method was applied. After picking, for the next step of packing, a box-good wise list was maintained which is later sent to the receiver.

Showroom: Water e-motion

Water e-motion is an experience center with various products on display.
A dynamic application was created to obtain the information like the name, price, catalog etc. about the products on display when customers view those.
All the information has been made available on the fingertips of the customers as well as the sales team to eliminate any kind of delay and enhance the User Experience.

Showroom: Water e-motion

Factory Inventory Management: KKV Tea & Coffee

For “KKV TEA & COFFEE” an end to end factory management system was developed which started from recording data of tea tasting and refining at their Head Office, procuring the selected tea at the warehouse, blending the procured raw materials into a new products and storing and dispatch of the ready material from the warehouse.

Employee Directory

An application was build to get contacts of all employees along with one-click connect. Hierarchy structure was also made available to know who is/are his/her vertical head or subordinates.

Employee Directory

Customer Service Request

A system was developed where service requests from customers were entered. The entered data was pushed further for assigning a technician. After the visit, the technician updates the information on the system. At every stage the customer and the organization are sent updates via messages/email. Tracking and maintaining the data was now made easy for the organization.

Expense Tracker

A system that ensures an easy process for the employees to fill in their reimbursements. After a few stages of approval, the data is pushed to the ERP or the concerned person for actual payment. Pre-Allotted funds for some employees on some projects. Overall budget allocation of teams and projects was developed. This data can easily be stored, managed and supervised.

Expense Tracker


Modernized Process

Obtain the Exact bin location along with the product code and quantity on handheld devices

Identify and reach the rack location

Scan the Rack QR

Scan the Product Barcode

Collect all products in inspection Zone

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