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about us

Coming from an engineering background and being in the era of the boom in e-commerce logistics, one question always arose: How do the new companies achieve what the old firms could not do in years even with more employees? This unending dilemma led to the in-depth analysis of understanding how superior systems could make work much more simpler.

Based on this concept, MS Cube Systems started as a project to redefine the warehousing for a trading company with the help of updated technologies which could be easily fused with the existing systems. Throughout the process, a robust, error-proof and user-friendly system was formed which resulted in unprecedented savings. Now, we are looking forward to Modernizing processes at other MSMEs with the help of similar tools and making every business smarter.
– Manan Mehta
Managing Director | Founder

Our Mission

To optimize routine processes by eliminating redundant or repetitive efforts and improving the existing systems while empowering the champions with the latest user-friendly technology.

Our Vision

To take Indian MSMEs to global standards wherein lesser people do more error-free work with the help of smarter systems and hence empowering the organisations to compete with international nemesis.

Certain Principles we live by


We aim to be a joy for the customer to deal with and are driven to give utmost satisfaction to our clients.


To achieve a disciplined and organized workspace, we have inculcated a disciplined and meticulous approach.


Every workspace is different and hence we have made our systems customizable so that it can adapt and cater to all types of applications.


We believe in providing a perfect fit for the problem at hand and hence all our programs are completely authentic.

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